Week 21

I realise I didn’t really blog last week. But let me tell you, it was a crazy week. Tuesday it was our 2 year anniversary and we shared a bottle of wine over a homecooked meal and talked about life. Then the crazy started. Wednesday we packed all the gear we needed for the canoe trip and I cut my hair (finally!).

Thursday I went straight to Bekkestua, I picked up things I needed for the trip, my bunad and some of mom’s clothes from 20 years ago (3 new trousers, yay!). Then we went and got Dolly (my car) out of winter storage and I stopped by Alexander’s place to say hello. He was here over the weekend to see friends and family, very nice to see him 🙂 When I got home we organised all the food for the trip (two dinners ++ for 25 people) that Erik had bought, tidied the apartment and made it ready for our 17th of May breakfast.

Friday the guests started arriving at 8 and we had a magnificent breakfast, some lovely sparkling wine and lots of laughs. We went to the city centre to see the parade, almost drowned in a shower of rain, lunched with Erik’s family, listened to Den Norske Studentersangforening (including my dad) sing outside the Aula, then had icecream with my parents. We went to Sofienbergparken to hang with our friends for a while, but had to leave early because we had to go home and pack. It was super hot and wonderful weather and we looked lovely in our bunads. The rest of the evening we packed everything we needed for the trip, my parents delivered my kayak and we tried to get to bed early.

Saturday we were up 6.30 to transport everything to the scout house, get the big car Erik was to drive, meet the scouts and be on our way. All 25 left at 8.20 and were at Fjorda (Oppland) about two hours later. We taught the kids how to master the canoe, found a good camping spot and set up camp. Everyone loved the salmon for dinner and it was too warm to wear a woolen jumper around the camp fire.

Sunday they did a round of orienteering on the lake, doing tasks along the way. Erik and I were responsible for the food stop. We spent much of the day sitting in the sun watching the scouts make food. In the evening they all just swam and played because the weather was so nice.

Monday we did small things, cleaned up the camp area and canoed back to the cars. We were back by 18.00 and Erik and I were home, kayak and car delivered by 19.30. We managed to unpack and get everything up in the attic before we went to bed, super tired. What a weekend.

So now there’s this week. It looks to be a busy one as well, but at least I will be home this weekend.

  • Today we are wondering if we should go to Tusenfryd. We get discounted tickets today, but the weather forecast is a bit grey and I am a bit tired after this weekend. I think we will go.
  • Wednesday we have to go back to the scout house to pack all the tents that have been drying since Monday.
  • Thursday we have our monthly meeting in the programme committee and this time we have a new member with us 🙂
  • Friday I have my final exam in my R course here at UMB and I really hope I pass (there’s only pass/fail).
  • We have no plans for the whole weekend, but my grandfather is coming to town, so I hope to see him. And we need some quiet time to start thinking about the apartment. It’s time to find a date to come see it to measure the kitchen and look at the walls. We have to start plan the layout of the kitchen too and pack all our things (again). Maybe we’ll see some friends even…

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