Bayesian statistics


This is Dr. Matthew Stevens, one of my two lecturers on my course MCMC in Statistical Genetics here at University of Washington in Seattle. Today, tomorrow and half of wednesday I will learn more about Bayesian statistics and how I can use that statistic in my work in genetics at home.

In Bayesian statistics you use prior information of your dataset in addition to the information you get from the data themselves. And MCMC stands for markov chain monte carlo which is a method (or algorithm) to search through an unknown space to find a probable solution of a question given your data.

It sounds a bit complicated maybe, but I recommend that you read up a bit on it on Wikipedia. I think that the articles on statistics on Wikipedia are very good and you can learn a lot from it.

And as I am now on Pacific time, I am eigth hours after Norway, so my blog posts will be out later than usual. And I will try not to use my phone, only the internet, so if you want to communicate, use the internet!

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