Sunday in Eastlake

So Eastlake is the area of Seattle where we stay and Sunday we decided to have a calm day here. The two things that happened were that we got groceries from Amazon Fresh delivered on our doorstep and we found a quiet pier and red a book the rest of the day.


The groceries! It doesn’t get easier than this. Open a webpage, click on the things you want, open the door the next day and there they are.


Erik was especially exited.

DSC_3150 DSC_3155 DSC_3168

Steam powered boat with the most impressive whistle.


Happy and soon to be very sunburned Ingeborg.


Chose extra glamorous bling for the day.


We’re back to reading out loud to each other. The best past time activity.


People live in houses on the water. Looks cozy and crowded.



Hello, handsome.

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