Cocktails and lazy afternoons

Now that I will be away from the Internet for three weeks, I thought I’d post some unposted pictures from previous holidays. These pictures are all from Seattle last summer. After work we would go out for a meal and something to drink.


2nd hand dress from Erik’s mom, my gorgeous pumps and my striped blazer.


In the Italian place over the street from where we stayed.


Pale ale on tap.



And then a bottle of sparkly.



Another day we met on campus and had some Asian food. We hadn’t brought our passports so we needed a place that didn’t serve alcohol…


Me mixing patterns.


We ended the day at the same local restaurant, but in the back garden. Had cocktails and enjoyed the weather.



I had had my nails did, if you remember 🙂



The last evening in Seattle we had the most perfect steak I have ever had.


A type of old fashioned, I think.


Peace out, Seattle

Craft beer and colleagues

I have been very lazy this year, not bringing my camera with me when I do fun stuff. So to represent the very nice payday beer I had with the other PhD candidates at CIGENE last week, I here give you some pictures from an after work beer with the Seattle office of Avanade this summer. They were nice enough to let me join and I tasted a lot of different local craft beers from Washington and around. Maybe one of the best things about Seattle.
DSC_3192 DSC_3194

The incredible menu of different beers. Took forever to decide every time.


They let us taste lots of different beers and we would taste each others, too. Love to sit and enjoy and taste and explore like this.

DSC_3197 DSC_3198 DSC_3200

I was maybe a bit overdressed, as always.


Downtown Seattle

There was Internet and a quiet night here in Okbo, so here are some more pictures. These also from Seattle. This is the Saturday we spent being tourists.


Hello! New bag and some colour.


Before breakfast.


Too many choices.


Mmmmm, coffee.


Hash brown, two eggs, bacon and toast. What else do you need?


Banana pancakes!


Then we did the underground tour of the city. The whole city is one story up and there is a whole network of sidewalks and things on the ground.




The city was founded in 1850-something when the first settlers arrived.



DSC_3077 DSC_3079

Up there is the street.

DSC_3080 DSC_3088

Old things that have been left behind.

DSC_3092  DSC_3101 DSC_3104

What once was a very high building.

We then went to Pike Place Market, where you can find anything, but especially fish. We had breaded cod


and fish tacos for lunch.

DSC_3124 DSC_3129

Then we walked around and found this guy doing Korean painting.


And they sold loads of flowers.




So Erik bought flowers for me and we went home. This is actually outside the first ever Starbucks. The first one was here in Seattle.

Touristy Thursday

Our first day of doing anything touristy in Seattle was Thursday 18th. I had worked from home that day, so I went downtown to meet Erik. I was a little early, so I had time to pop by Kate Spade to buy my new bag and to try on some dresses.


This is the dress I was wearing that day. Notice the blue and white skirt behind me, unfortunately it was too small.



And they didn’t have these in the right size.


Then we went to the Space Needle. It is from the early 1960s and has a great view. You can also see it from everywhere in Seattle.

DSC_2979 DSC_2987

We had dinner at the rotating restaurant on the top. A bit over prized, but very good food. And we didn’t have to stand in line to get the elevator up!



DSC_3026 DSC_2992

Sailing competition!


Giant spiders on a roof.


Us and Seattle in the background.


Me in my wonderful 4€ second hand sunglasses.

DSC_3021 DSC_3000 DSC_2997

Sunday in Eastlake

So Eastlake is the area of Seattle where we stay and Sunday we decided to have a calm day here. The two things that happened were that we got groceries from Amazon Fresh delivered on our doorstep and we found a quiet pier and red a book the rest of the day.


The groceries! It doesn’t get easier than this. Open a webpage, click on the things you want, open the door the next day and there they are.


Erik was especially exited.

DSC_3150 DSC_3155 DSC_3168

Steam powered boat with the most impressive whistle.


Happy and soon to be very sunburned Ingeborg.


Chose extra glamorous bling for the day.


We’re back to reading out loud to each other. The best past time activity.


People live in houses on the water. Looks cozy and crowded.



Hello, handsome.

Six weeks ago

It has now been six weeks since my last Saturday without plans. There has been one weekend meeting, three weekends of moving and two weekends of camp or preparation for camp. So today we did nothing. Which means that we did quite a lot…

Yesterday we went running for the first time in ages. It was total pain as I haven’t run in months and because it was hot and sunny. But it was good and Erik pushed me up all the hills and down again. After the run we went to the relly good restaurant just over the road for Italian. Pasta stuffed with ricotta and asparagus, some great amber ale and a whole bottle of sparkling wine. There was some live music and all the time in the world.

We started today in the local breakfast joint, sharing one plate of pancakes with banana and syrup and one of hash browns, eggs, bacon and toast. There were also some Cappucinos involved (learned that in Italy). We then did our grocery shopping through Amazon (it will be delivered tomorrow morning) and went into town. We did the underground tour, walked along the waterfront, got lost at the Pike Place Marked and I had my first ever fish tacos. We bought these flowers for 10$ and some groceries for dinner.


Now we are back home and hopefully we will be hungry soon. Need to remember that I don’t need a whole portion for my self…

Turist i Seattle


Nå har jeg vært i Seattle en arbeidsuke. Den begynte rolig og alene med middag på søndag og i løpet av mandag var Erik her. De første dagene hadde vi nok med å finne ut hvor vi kunne kjøpe busskort og å skaffe oss amerikanske telefonnummer så det ikke ble så dyrt å ringe hverandre. Men i går var vi endelig litt turister.

Jeg hadde hatt hjemmekontor og møtte Erik i sentrum, der kontoret hans er. Jeg rakk å kjøpe ny hverdagsveske (hurra!) før vi gikk til middag. Middag skulle være på toppen av Seattle Space Needle, på den litt overprisede restauranten som ga kortere kø og inkludert inngang (og som snurret) i tårnet. I løpet av måltidet rakk vi to runder rundt og fikk sett mye av Seattle og mye av bukta. Det var nydelig vær og vi så til og med Mount Rushmore sveve i disen.

Etter en deilig middag tok vi monorailen inn til sentrum igjen, så oss litt rundt og bestemte oss for at det var tid for kino. Passende nok så vi Pacific Rim, om skumle monster som kommer opp mellom tektoniske plater i Stillehavet. Bra å ha sett før vi flyr over det om en uke 😉

I løpet av helgen blir det nok Pike Place Marked, iskrem, joggetur, kanskje en tur på vannet og forhåpentligvis litt jazz. Skulle ønske vi var på jazzen (aka Moldejazz) i år, mange bra artister. Ellers er det veldig deilig å ikke ha en eneste plan og være helt fri.

Leiligheten er også bra, selv om katten er ekstremt kosesyk og ikke lar meg være i fred når jeg skal jobbe. Og så er det til å bli grinete av å måtte ha med seg passet sitt på restaurant for å få vin til maten når man er 25 år. Men i Bakvendtland der kan alt gå an… Nestenferie er i hvert fall superfint. Juli, altså!