Six weeks ago

It has now been six weeks since my last Saturday without plans. There has been one weekend meeting, three weekends of moving and two weekends of camp or preparation for camp. So today we did nothing. Which means that we did quite a lot…

Yesterday we went running for the first time in ages. It was total pain as I haven’t run in months and because it was hot and sunny. But it was good and Erik pushed me up all the hills and down again. After the run we went to the relly good restaurant just over the road for Italian. Pasta stuffed with ricotta and asparagus, some great amber ale and a whole bottle of sparkling wine. There was some live music and all the time in the world.

We started today in the local breakfast joint, sharing one plate of pancakes with banana and syrup and one of hash browns, eggs, bacon and toast. There were also some Cappucinos involved (learned that in Italy). We then did our grocery shopping through Amazon (it will be delivered tomorrow morning) and went into town. We did the underground tour, walked along the waterfront, got lost at the Pike Place Marked and I had my first ever fish tacos. We bought these flowers for 10$ and some groceries for dinner.


Now we are back home and hopefully we will be hungry soon. Need to remember that I don’t need a whole portion for my self…

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