One of the days in Tromsø, the weather was so nice that I just HAD to go out and get some shots. This is what I got.

And I will admit to loving yellow leaves and blue skies, at once. Autumn sun is the best.


(they loved painting houses in different colours. It reminded me of Longyearbyen in Svalbard)

I liked this dog. I don’t really like dogs (or animals in general), but this one was a good one. It had been parked behing Naturfagbygget where we were staying. Lucky dog that got to be outside in the sun all day.



These are everywhere in Tromsø. We call them Tromsøpalme (Tromsø palmtree), but I can’t remember the right name. they are up to two meters tall and very dominating in the landscape.

The first of three pictures where I try to capture insects on a plant. It is actually quite difficult.





Not bad for a lunch brake, eh?

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