This time it is all about Susie of Style Bubble. She is a British fashion blogger situated in London and one of the few who live off her blogging (and related activities).  Susie writes more text thatn I have time to read most times, but her text is very entertaining and she reflects a lot around many aspects of the industry. I really like her. But what I wanted today was to give you this quote of hers:

“This isn’t so much a fashion week quirk as it is a general etiquette thing.  I’ve been doing a few media interviews and people provide FOOOOOOOOD.  A box of cookies, some sweeties and water goes down a treat when they’re about to ask the all-important, ever-unanswerable “Where do you see fashion blogging going?” question (I’m sometimes after tempted to childishly answer with “It’s going NORTH-WEST!”) “

Right now she is in Tokyo for the fashion week there and that is the reason for higher than usual encounters with the media, I guess.

Most times I am a little bit ashamed to tell people that I have a blog. And especially because I also blog about fashion. What we call a pink blogger (rosablogger) in Norway. And as a biologist, as someone working with my masters degree, as an intelligent woman, I should do something else. But I actually like it a lot. The blogging and the fashion. And when people discover i blog about fashion I have the same urge to say that it goes NORTH-WEST!

You know what I mean?

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