What a day!

Today has been a really good day and it’s not even over yet. I started out a little late (but I do almost every day), but managed to do the last minute changes I needed before the meeting with my supervisors. My degree it definitely moving in the right direction right now. I now how tons of small tasks (which is a lot better than one big one, believe me) that I have to do the next two weeks, before we have our next meeting. I am really excited about what I might find out. And also, about this actually being good enough to publish a real peer reviewed article someplace.

After my meeting I went to Trøndelag teater and got food and looked/listened to their presentation of the programme for 2012. There are so many exciting things happening next year! I will blog more about it later (I actually took notes during the presentation), but it was so nice. Actors and TV and press people, old people and all those other people who hang around at theaters.

And then Peter and Rosemary Grant visited NTNU today. They are biology rock stars, to tell you the truth. Their work on Darwin’s finches since the 70′ is just outstanding. It was such a cool presentation and I think we were all so envious of their data set and their luck with finding a wonderful organism to work with.

I met a good friend I haven’t seen in ages and it was really nice to talk to him again. Hope it is not as long till next time.

I have even gotten two hours of Ingeborg time alone at home today, which is quite rare. But soon my guests will arrive and then cocktail party 2 of the autumn 2011 will start. A good thing about these cocktail parties is that I have to clean my room before everyone arrives, and now the parties are so close that my room almost stays clean all the time…

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