Bergen – Trondheim – Oslo

I have made a short stop in Bergen, just to catch a cheaper flight and have mostly spent the time writing job applications. I did not miss it…

Tonight I will be in Trondheim and then a lot of washing of clothes and floors will follow. And after some more writing and packing we will drive Dolly down to Oslo. And the a new time will start. This is really the first day in the rest of my life. After today everything will change. I will leave Trondheim and have no idea when I will go back. Trondheim is still home, but in two weeks or four months I will have a new home. Hopefully Erik will live there as well, but that is the only wish I have. Other than that I will take any place that will give me a job.

The next month I will go to Eriks cabin in the mountains, go to Øya – the music festival and to Uppsala for my interview. Other than that I will spend time with Erik and all my lovely friends and write a whole lot of job applications.

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