Never leave

Now I have been in Oslo for a month. A month already. Still have no place to go and no place to stay here. I cleaned out almost all the stuff in my room in my parent’s house, to leave more room for Erik and me when we stay here, but we can’t actually live here. The situation feels too permanent and jobs keep eluding me. I’m going back to Trondheim to see if there is anything I can do there, but I doubt it. But I’ll try, can’t not try.

Luckily I have something to do, the Python course with Udacity and scouting. There is so much scouting right now. I’m trying to get back in the loop after 6 months of pause because of my master thesis. So now I’m picking up all the loose ends and trying to make things better. Also I’m rounding up the rest of the Rover camp (budget, report etc.) and preparing for next year. In addition to the two projects that are running right now… And yes, this is perfectly normal.

I’m in Stavanger this weekend doing some workshops and talking to people. Might hand over some flowers and get to meet some nice people and good friends as well 🙂

Oh, and I’ve been to Elixia three times already 🙂 Am trying to keep up the good work exercising three times a week and eating only what I need and not everything I want. Maybe I’ll actually loose a couple of kilos.

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