Week 49

This weekend was nice. Quiet and nice. Friday we went to the gym and had a quiet night at home. Saturday we went to the Christmas marked at Bygdøy in the sun and in the afternoon Tone came and joined us for some Christmas beer tasting. I’ll be posting the results soon. Sunday we went to the gym again, walked in the sun and had a very quiet day. Just perfect before my first day.

This week all my time goes into two things. And then I have an announcement! Erik and I have decided that we want 15 children! 😉 Or in other words, we are the new troop leaders of Longship scout group (Erik’s old group). We’ll start in January and have already started making plans for the spring. I’m really excited to do some scouting with scouts again, not only with paper…

  • today I have my first day at my new job. I am trying the shuttle bus for the fist time and will have to deal with all the practicalities. Get the contract right, get a desk, decide on computer, get access to their systems.
  • during the week I will be working on the project proposal/description of my PhD and making a plan.
  • on Tureday we have our last rehearsal before our Christmas concert, and it will be a rehearsal with the harpist. You know someone playing a harp? 🙂
  • on Wednesday is the concert in Høvik kirke at 19.00 (come!) and I have invited Eriks family, because both my parents sing in the chior as well, and I want someone to come and listen.
  • Thursday and Friday I’ll probably be in the gym
  • on Saturday we are having a second concert, but this time in Grue together with a chior there.
  • after that, I am going to Tønsberg to visit wonderful Sara. We’re even having a sleepover!
  • early Sunday morning I am visiting the organising group of Roverløft, to see how they are doing and to give some feedback.
  • then I’m meeting Kathrine for lunch in Tønsberg (or maybe Horten) and finally I will go home.
  • hopefully, Sunday evening will be quiet, to give me some strength for my second week of work.

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