Norwich – the touristy bit

I was in Norwich about a month ago to do a one week course in python for biologists. It’s good to have a camera and a kindle close when you are alone for a week and I thought I’d show you the touristy part of my week.


This was “my” street.


The catholic cathedral I passed every day on my way to the bus stop. The old part of Norwich was so pretty.



Norwich had an incredible number of churches, this one was just around the corner and apparently getting a touch up.


The house opposite. I often almost got lost during the week, but I always recognized this house and then I knew I was close.



So many nice independent shops and places in the old houses. So pretty!


And there was a 2CV parked outside my house one day 😀 That makes me happy.


There were just so many pretty houses in Norwich.


And nice, old pubs where you could get a half pint and some peace and quiet.





But still there was street art, really good street art.



The Library bar, where we had a dinner together the Wednesday. It is the old public library that is turned into a bar and restaurant, I hope the new libarary is nice.


The old market square looked pretty even in the evening when everything was closed. It might be strange pfotographing things that are closed, but I was busy all day with the course and it was nice having the camera for company when I walked alone in the evenings.


The old part of Norwich was well worth roaming and it was quite small, so easy to navigate and get around. I highly recommend going there just for the architecture and for good food.

I will show you food and people later 🙂

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