This is the first of many posts about France, the trip and everything. Petter and I had decided that when we drove past Paris anyway, we could just as well stop by and find out what kind of city it was. In the end we got the rest of my family and a couple of other guys to join us as well and the trip was a blast. We were only there for three days and only saw a small part of it all, but now we have lots still to see 🙂

I managed to do a bit of shopping while in Paris and bought a pair of silver sandals, a pair of black ballet pumps a wonderful yellow bag (that you have already seen) and two Moleskine books of different sizes.

Ok so, Paris

The day we arrived in Paris…

Petter, Ingeborg and Dolly in Paris

Traffic in Paris – much better than I feared, but only because we were saved by the GPS…

We were 11 cars driving together to Paris and therefore had to do some circles around the Champs Elysees. It was fantastic! Ah, cars driving in every direction, from every direction, it was like being on a radio car track and I LOVED it. You should try it sometime.

This is me and Dolly! Petter took lots of pictures of us and Dolly and I managed to be on one. I think we did more than 10 rounds before we exited 🙂

Now; pictures of me and differently shaped rocks in Paris. Pretend not to notice Petter’s fingerprint on my lens… (I was wearing mom’s old Adidas shorts and a loose fitting metallic top. It was terribly hot while we were there.)

We had breakfast in the park. I can’t remember it’s name but on the other side you’ll find Louvre.

There were a lot of statues in the park. I like men’s backsides (in case you wondered).

Me and Louvre. To actually see anything in there, I might need a lifetime. Or three months dedicated to the place. Just tell me if you want to join.

Leather goods were of so high quality and so detailed and wonderful that it was a good thing I almost had no money.

Since it was so hot, we spent a lot of time in the shade drinking something (here coffee) and looking at people passing us by. It’s not hard to notice that Paris is a fashionable city. You don’t find many of these women back in Trondheim…

Ah, the chef’s salad and a pleasant white for lunch. I could live with that.

And now that I have seen both, a burger is a burger whether you’re in the USA or in France, but in France they ask you if you want it medium or rare…

New ballet flats. Everyone in Paris wears them. I might need more in different colours. I might also need to move away from Trondheim before I can wear any of them.

My very wonderful brother.

The travel buddies, waiting for the credit card (mom) to arrive so we could get something to eat.

The last thing we did before leaving Paris was to see the Eiffel tower. We had done nothing else that was very touristy, so this was a minimum.

The Eiffel tower and a tree.

There actually was a nice park underneath it. Behind that tree you will find the incredibly long queue to get to the top.

Oooh! Flowers!


Petter, The Rolling Stones and the Eiffel tower.

Me, new pink dress from Boston and silver sandals bought in Paris and the Eiffel tower.

And just when we were about to leave, a 2CV drove up in front of the Eiffel tower. Nothing could have been more right for this trip.

I am definitely going back to Paris. And next time I will have more money so I can bring an extra suitcase home… And you should also bring someone you like to cuddle, for it is a city for lovers.

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  1. my teacher once told me that he had been on top of the arc de triomphe and seen a car driving in the roundabout. Unfortunately for the driver he got stuck on the lane closest to the arc and never managed to shift lanes back out. He kept driving til he finally ran out of petrol!

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