Out and about

After weeks of “OMG I have so much to do!” I have now arrived at “I have no idea what to do to fill all this time”. I blame lack of master thesis and lack of boyfriend. So my plans for the next week are:

1. study for my exam

2. exercise a lot

3. do all the chores I have postponed for 6 months

4. spend time in the sun (which is here! Yay!)

5. no idea

In a week I’m going to Bucharest in Romania for a forum/conference/thing with WOSM Europe and I am actually very happy about it. It will be fun. And I will have two whole days in Bucharest to relax and study as well.

And when I get back from Bucharest, Erik will be back again ­čÖé and you know what? Then the summer will be here! Can’t wait!

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