Back in yellow

I’m back from Romania and studying for my final exam. I have just been busy, but while I try to catch up with friends and Erik, here is the last week through Instagram (bulldozerborg).


Studying at Trondheim airport.


Group sessions and presentations for four days. This was about employability and entrepreneurship in scouting.


The magnificent rover program in Ireland. I have brought back a ton of inspiration and plans for the future of our program.


This was dessert one night. Dessert. One apple. The Romanian food was strange and far between, but the hotel was nice (even though people would smoke indoors).


Almost home in Trondheim. The sun is shining even tough it is in the middle of the night.

Out and about

After weeks of “OMG I have so much to do!” I have now arrived at “I have no idea what to do to fill all this time”. I blame lack of master thesis and lack of boyfriend. So my plans for the next week are:

1. study for my exam

2. exercise a lot

3. do all the chores I have postponed for 6 months

4. spend time in the sun (which is here! Yay!)

5. no idea

In a week I’m going to Bucharest in Romania for a forum/conference/thing with WOSM Europe and I am actually very happy about it. It will be fun. And I will have two whole days in Bucharest to relax and study as well.

And when I get back from Bucharest, Erik will be back again 🙂 and you know what? Then the summer will be here! Can’t wait!