Local campus beer in Norwich

From my last night in Norwich, we went for a couple of pints of the campus beer with the participants that worked at TGAC and the uni. There they have a pub on campus and this Friday was quiz  night.


We bought pints to prepare ourselves.


Read up on the local campus brewery.


We had the local brew, which was actually brewed for the John Innes Centre where the TGAC is, isn’t that cool?! Campus beer!


New friends and old colleagues having a pint on a Friday night. So nice.


I wish we had a place on campus where we could have a pint as well.


“Strong hoppy mixture, ideal for propagating discourse and contains elements essential for the vigorous growth of friendship.” That is the way we all like it. And the labels look so professional, don’t you think?


Here you can see “the vigorous growth of friendship” 🙂 The evening ended after a nice meal and some more beers. A good way to end a really good week of bioinformatics course.


How do you like to spend your Friday evenings? Would you like a campus beer? Or do you wish for something else? Maybe I am the only one, for there seems to be nothing happening in Ås at least.

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