Eating in Patong

One of the best things about Thailand was the food. I think we were both exited to taste “real” Thai food and also to experience the whole range of taste that we would find as we traveled. We almost only ate at small places along the road, and even though I got sick, I don’t blame them for my sickness. Patong is one of the biggest and oldest tourist beaches in Phuket, so we had to look for the real places, but we found them 🙂



The best one was this one. Small tables on the sidewalk, an old couple running the whole thing. The best thing about these kinds of places was that the food arrived maybe four minutes after we ordered. Every time.


This was the whole thing.




The second day we came back because the food was so good. But when we arrived they had a big party of maybe 30 people. A big family served by two people. Incredible. We had to wait for 15 minutes, and when we finally ordered they were so sorry we had to wait. But we were just fascinated by the party. Imagine taking your whole family to a kebab shop in Norway.



We also went to a very touristy place, but they did excellent bbq and had a terrible singer.



Mmmm, street food.


Don’t you love it when you get actual coconut in your crepe and nutella?