Soft sweeps and adaptation

We are now at day three here in Puerto Rico. There are more and more interesting talks and a lot of people that I want to read up on. The twitter community at #SMBE14 is blooming and it is really nice to see what other people think of what is happening. This is why I have twitter.

And one of the people here does these wonderful sketches and luckily for me he is in almost all my sessions. Here is one from one of the more interesting talks today.


All honor to Alex Cagan (@ATJCagan)

Tre dager i San Juan

Nå har jeg vært her i tre dager og konferansen har endelig begynt. Jeg hadde en strabasiøs reise med komplikasjoner, men leiligheten er bra. Jeg bor i et veldig fint område og nære konferansehotellet. Det er god mat, deilig kaffe, hav over alt, strender, sol, Amerikanere, luftfuktighet, pelikaner og øgler.









Poster presenting i Puerto Rico!

Guess what?!?

Dear Colleague,

I am pleased to inform you that your abstract “Current fluctuations in selection response of the Atlantic salmon genome discovered during ongoing domestication” reference 1089 has been accepted for POSTER presentation at SMBE 2014.


Yay! So now I only have to work my ass off to finish the results I need and to actually make this poster. But a very nice welcome home after almost a month away from the office.

Current fluctuations in selection response of the Atlantic salmon genome discovered during ongoing domestication

This is what will get me to Puerto Rico in june, I hope.

“Domestication is associated with strong selection and rapid phenotypic change. It therefore offers opportunities to study consistent directional selection on complex characters in organisms with long generation times. Contemporary domestications, additionally, also allow the early stages of the domestication process to be analysed.

Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) was domesticated less than 15 generations ago. This recent domestication has targeted particularly body size as the major selective trait, but the commercial rearing environments have also been shown to be responsible for indirect selection on behavioural traits, e.g. reduced predator response and increased aggression. As the traits under selection are complex polygenic characters and the selection is likely on existing genetic variation, we expect to find many loci responding to selection.

We exploited early samples and the well documented pedigree from this domestication event to track the impact of selection in a commercial salmon breeding line. We find striking variation among generations in the distribution, identity and number of loci displaying generation to generation transmission ratio distortion. Our results are consistent with an early response to domestication where the entire genetic background is subtly transformed. Selective sweeps, such as have been observed in older domestications, would then occur later within this transformed genetic background.”

Also, this is the basis of my first paper, 1/3 of my PhD.

I’m going to Puerto Rico!


As I have already told you, I have been working on an abstract so I might get picked to hold a poster presentation at a molecular evolution conference in Puerto Rico this June. And now my abstract is done and I have cleared the travel and money spending with my boss, so I am going!

Now I just have to wait and see if I get to hold a presentation and make plans for the conference. I have learned that conferences are made of many smaller symposia, and I am going to attend a couple of them. The conference is at the Carible Hilton hotel and I can’t wait to spend a week in this place!



What I need to do now I finish lots of analyses and get my first manuscript ready, so I have something to talk about in June. Wish me luck!