There and back again

First pit stop.

Our day in Lübeck started a bit chilly. Me in my faithful metallic top, new Stine Goya jacket, pistachio top and very old and very torn jeans shorts. I walked those sandals to pieces this summer.

Lüeck is an old trade city with lots of nice buildings.

They are famous for their marzipan. This is a model of New York in marzipan. At that point, I had left NYC  four days earlier.

One of my most favorite treats; pralineren. Small pieces of heaven.


Can’t get enough.

They made everything out of marzipan. Whole roses for instance.

Outside the church, they have a famous brass devil.

With all the trade going on, they have a long tradition with both tea and china. This made me think of my earlier blog post on interior blogs, white and flowers…

Not that it isn’t pretty. It’s just almost too pretty.

There are a lot of old restaurants. This lead window is from the captain’s restaurant. But I also would recommend the Rathauskeller.

Not a bad age for a restaurant…

This just has to be a good place.

We did find some 2CVs along the road. This one was quite re-done.

Look at this house. Notice the roof? The house is actually built into half a tower. Me loves it. What a wonderful combination of economic sense and wonderful decorating possibilities.

There was a monastery herbal garden. We had to take a look.

Inspections were done of every 2CV we passed 🙂

Now we’re in France with French gardens and the lot.

Pretty roses.

They even decorate their lampposts.

Nancy was a very white and very pretty city.

The flowers were matching the gargoyles in the fountain outside the church.

We were also very white and very pretty. Here outside the Grand Hotel with a very good bottle of white on a very white square.

Dad is Ze Wine Masta



Ultimate summer cool; shades.

And then my car broke down. Luckily nothing happened until the last day before the car gathering, so a lot of other 2CVs were on the road in the same direction. And suddenly we were three Norwegians, a French and two Fins standing on the motor way fixing my car. Had we ever met them before? No. Did they help? Oh, definitely. I managed to get almost to the site (Salbris before stopping again).

A lot of tools and different spare parts were out and about.

I had “chosen” a bad place to stop, because it was terribly narrow, but we managed anyhow.

Cars driving by (especially trucks like these) kept honking at us. As if we would be there if we didn’t have to…

Lunch! After driving through a couple of French villages, we realized that the narrow 2CV totally matches the narrow streets of French towns. We looked so right in the scenery.

The closer we got to Salbris, the more 2CVs we found.

So many nice colours.


The blob is called a duck tail (anderumpe) and I love the suitcase.

What a beautiful sight, 2CVs on the road, all heading in the same direction. These guys were from the Netherlands, I think.

Photography while driving. One in every 30 is good.

Aren’t we pretty? The last lunch before we arrived in Salbris. The rest of the pictures from the gathering I’ll put in a separate post. There are a huge pile of pictures of wonderful cars.

All of us (except me) in Vechta on our way back again. After visiting Paris we just drove straight home, so there were not that many pictures. The only important thing to know about Vechta is that this is where Der Franzose is. They sell 2CV parts and dad is a most loyal customer.

Dolly and me. In total we drove 4500 km on the trip. This summer Dolly has driven 7000 km. And that’s only from mid May until now. And now I even have gotten parking space for her in Trondheim and winter storage, so now I’m ready for Autumn.

A meeting of 2CV friends

Hurray! I have finally managed to find some pictures from my trip down south to France. These are from the meeting of 2CV friends itself, which was in Salbris. I have more pictures, but here are some to show you just how it was.

My brother’s car.

Many people upgraded while in Salbris. You see, all the car part dealers were there 🙂

We were two that needed to change the ignition system and lots of people who hang with us and talked and helped. Fun!

Sometimes it helps to be two.

Morten and Jan Erik were helping me. They are wonderful. Me in my 2CV shirt and Citröen caps.

A bit of adjustment to get the ignition right.

Lots of people were selling food. This guy made sausages…

These guys sold something that looked like sausage but definitely wasn’t. We never could find out what it was. And that was mostly because no-one could speak even the tiniest bit of English and nobody had bothered putting up signs in English. It was like they pretended it was only for French people and ignored the rest of us.

Most of our eating was done standing because none of the places selling food had brought anything to sit on.



Fresh out of military service.

Ice cream!

I had my first ever macaroons there. Terribly sweet, but good. But I needed two days to finish them all…

And then we went to a wine tasting 🙂

I want a castle like this (as long as you give me the money to keep it as well)!

Dad knows really much about wine and we learned a lot.

Eager tasters and listeners.

We were in the wine district Poille Fumé, which is very close to Sancerre and Burgundy. They mostly make white wines and rosé wines there and it is a quite small wine area almost in the middle of France.


It was terribly hot while we were there, but that was normal, I think.

This will be white wine, someday.

🙂 TRAKTOR! This day ended with an epic feast at our hotel, lots of wonderful wine from Poilly Fumé and Burgundy and the most wonderful goose paté and steak. It was heaven.

When we came back, the whole Norwegian camp had a BBQ.




We must have had 15 tables lined up.


After driving our cars, this is what we did second most during the two weeks we were on the road; reading. That is definitely what summers are for.


This is from the championship. The team is to take the 2CV apart, get all the parts through a whole and build the car again and then drive it two meters. The Fins won over the Portugese and spent about an hour doing this. It was really fun watching.

They had one car each, naturally.

This guy hand painted cars. They were really nice. Lots of people sold gadgets and things. I didn’t buy that many things, but it was fun just looking as well. (I mostly bought car parts…)

I have many more pictures, from the trip down, from Paris and more from the meeting in Salbris also. I have wonderful amounts of pictures of 2CVs, but all in good time.

I’m not only back in Trondheim, but I have started working on my thesis again as well, so the days are getting more and more busy. And the first thing I will do after starting working is going back to Oslo for almost a week… This September is going to fly by! I love the autumn 🙂