Dreaming of warm holidays

We are currently dreaming of a hot and sunny holiday sometime late this winter. We have an almost impossible list of criteria for it, but have many suggestions.

DSC_4235 DSC_4237 DSC_4238


  • properly hot, so a Norwegian you can wear short sleeves.
  • a place you can swim in the ocean.
  • not too far or too complicated to travel.
  • not too expensive.
  • a place that is actually interesting and we want to explore.
  • someplace you have the possibility for both a bit of town and a bit of quiet.

DSC_4240 DSC_4241


DSC_4246 DSC_4253 DSC_4254

Places we have thought of:

  • Miami, Florida, US.
  • someplace, Brazil.
  • Amman, Jordan.
  • someplace, Ethiopia.
  • someplace, Thailand.
  • Cuba or other Caribbean island.
  • someplace, Mexico.

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But we haven’t decided yet. Do you have any suggestions?

All pictures from a day in Okpo, Korea. We climbed a mountain and went to the beach.